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3 Types of Motorcycles for a Ride in the Metro


Mitzi Ilagan | PinoyTrekker.com

Driving around the Metro could mean traveling with so much hassle and pollution nowadays. Commuting could also be a tough part of your daily routine, most especially when short-tempered and disobedient drivers try to rule the roads. Luckily, people have been provided more means of going from one place to another. Thanks to the advancement of the modern world, railway systems, trains, shuttles have been developed in order for commuters to arrive at their destinations. If you could neither afford cars for everyday use or ride overcrowded trains and buses, don’t worry, here’s Plan C: motorcycles.

These days, not only men could go for motorcycles as their means of transportation. Everyone who drives a motorcycle can take advantage of passing through narrow spaces when the traffic flow gets heavy. When in the Metro, here are 3 types of motorcycles that you could use:motorcycle, honda motorcycles, motorbike, motorcycle types, underbone motorcycle, scooter, honda ph, motorcycle kinds, city motorcycles

If you have a business and you offer deliveries to your clients, backbone or business bikes are for you. This kind of motorcycle has the traditional design, which could be attached to a sidecar, too. It commonly has a long lasting engine suitable for far locations, perfect for deliveries and errands. This kind of motorcycle is faster and accelerates quicker compared with other kinds. It has larger wheels making it more stable especially when driving at faster speed, especially on highways and avenues. There are some models with electric starters or engine switch in one click.

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If you are more into sleek riding adventures, choose underbones. This kind of motorcycle is a stylish one, but does not compromise safety and comfort. It is perfect for the new breed of riders and motorcycle enthusiasts, especially those who would rather use it in jammed streets rather than drive cars. Most brands offer trendy and eye-catching styles, matched with cutting-edge functionalities and performance. It usually ergonomically designed for effective handling capability, giving you a comfortable ride. This is a type of motorcycle that would let you experience the best of both worlds: you could go for longer and safe distances or a joy ride in the urban route.

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If you are a beginner or if you’d rather play it safe around the hustle and bustle of the metro, scooters would do best for you. This is the lightest kind of motorcycle which is easy to maneuver, especially when shuffling through busy streets. It has a less powerful engine compared with the aforementioned kinds but it is more affordable. It also comes with an underseat storage capacity where you could place your belongings because as we all know, driving or even walking around the streets of the metro could be dangerous with all the risks of getting your valuables snatched. It is also easier to learn to ride, has lighter and smaller wheels and there’s no need to change gears. If you prefer traveling comfortably in a short distance from your workplace to home, scooter is the one for you.

There are many other kinds of motorcycles that you could use, but these three are the most effective to use in the metro. Big bikes look good, but you might not be able to maximize its abilities because of the heavy traffic present in urban cities. Sports bikes could do, but they aren’t really good for the roads of Manila and other similar cities. With that said, you should first evaluate your routes and your options as you choose your motorcycle. Honda Philippines, one of the country’s providers of products on transportation and power, has a wide range of motorcycles that you could choose from. You could get a TMX 125 Alpha if you’re into business, a XRM125 Motard for a stylish adventure or a BeAT FI scooter for a safe work-home ride. Choose one and get started for a better and faster ride downtown.

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