5 Things To Do In Pampanga


Patricia Aleckzandra | PinoyTrekker

Located at the central part of Luzon, Pampanga is home to many historical places such as Tarlac and San Fernando. It covers the south-central section of the Central Luzon area with a total land area of 2,062.47 square kilometres. But enough with the numbers and facts as it may bore you. Let’s get down to what really is this article about. Pampanga is not only rich in history and culture, but is also rich in man-made sights that, honestly, takes Pampanga to the top lists of places you might want to visit with in the archipelago. This first-class, highly urbanized city has so much to offer tourist, travelers, and people who just wanted to have fun.

To give you a head start with what to expect and do in the area, here are five things you might want to consider:

  • Architectural heritage hopping. Pampanga houses some of the most beautiful architectural structures in the Philippines. One way to enjoy a day in the province is go exploring structures there. The best place to start is where someone can give you an introduction about the province, and that is at the Center for Kapampangan Studies in Holy Angel University at Angeles City. You can also ride a calesa around San Fernardo which has many ancestral homes. There are also beautiful churches that you may visit.


  • Swim. There are also beaches at Pampanga where you can dive in and feel the waves while letting the sun kiss your skin. You can also take a dip on hot springs to unwind and relax or trek to the crater lake of Mount Pinatubo to experience its water. Bring your trusted goggles with you!


  • Shop ‘til you drop! There are various malls you can try at Pampanga. SM is everywhere in the province, so does small shops where you can buy pasalubong for your loved ones at home. Remember how excited you were when one of the stop over on your educational trip was Duty Free? I know I am!


  • Eat. Being the Culinary Capital of the Philippines, Pampanga is best known for delectable dishes and best cooks in the archipelago. That is why food tripping around the province is so much fun. There are various restaurants and food stops you might want to try. But we suggest you feast all you can to a newly opened restaurant of the power celebrity chef couple Chef Rolando and Chef Jackie Laudico in SM Clark called Chef Laudico’s Feast. This Filipino-inspired resto will surely give you the fun, excitement and lutong bahay taste every Filipino craves for while in the convenience of a mall.


  • Have fun with the kids. With so many parks that is fit for fun and will give you a chance to bond with the family, you will surely want to include every single place in your itinerary. For a cowboy experience, the family can go to El Kabayo to experience horseback riding. If the kids are more likely to enjoy the environmental side, you can always visit Paradise Ranch. There are more in the area such as Zoobic Safari, Ocean Park, or visit Nayong Pilipino. Hundreds of activities are in stored for you, you family, and your barkada in Pampanga.



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