7 Essentials in Your Car if You Want to go on a Road trip


By: Ana Margarita Olar| Pinoytrekker.com

Engaging on a road trip is a unique way to regain your sense of freedom. You’re free from stress, free from your routine, and you are a free spirit. To make your road trip experience more convenient, here are some essentials that you should bring along:



You don’t want to spoil a road trip by getting hungry along the way. Bring along snacks such as crackers, cookies, nuts and dried fruits, or vegetable chips. You don’t have to stop by on a drive thru. Don’t forget to bring cold water to freshen you up. You don’t want to be dehydrated while driving.  It may also come in handy if ever you get stranded or have a vehicle trouble.


Always keep a first aid kit  in your car, even when you are not on a road trip. You should always be prepared for an emergency. These things should be included in your kit: extra maintenance meds, burn ointment, antiseptic ointment, and anti-allergy medications. You should also include things that can be used to cleanse, and patch a wound. A triangular bandage will also come in handy.


Being on a road trip can cause you to lose track of time. Having a flashlight is ideal especially when traveling on a dark road. It is also smart to keep a few extra batteries as well.


It is a smart move to prepare for the worst. In our world today, anything could happen and one move can endanger or save our life. Your fire extinguisher should be able to neutralize fires involving both flammable liquids and electrical equipment. These type of fires are both present on a vehicular fire.


A multi-purpose tool also comes very handily for any road trip emergency. You have something for cutting, filing, and scraping. You’ll have screwdrivers, scissors, and many other things.


One hassle such as a flat tire can ruin your road trip or even put your life in danger. Repair a flat tire by having a bringing a foam tire sealant. It will save you from an emergency trip to automobile shop. And, it will also save you from unnecessary expenses.


Water is an important thing to bring along during a road trip. In the case of minor car malfunctions, it can be a lot of things. It can serve as a coolant. Use water in a windshield wiper tank. Or in case you are stranded on a barren place, you can use it to re-hydrate.

So when you are planning to go on a road trip, make sure you have all these essential things. And be sure to follow these safety tips.  Bon voyage!

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