By: Ana Margarita Olar|

Do you always have a travel plan that never pushes through?  Well, aside from the beautiful scene and relief from stress, there are wonderful lessons you can learn from travelling and here are some of them:

All the things you want to achieve in life is just outside your comfort zone.

Some people hesitate to travel because it means leaving the familiar and cozy environment that they leave on. But the new experience that you acquire when travelling is worth the sacrifice that you make when leaving your comfort zone.

Be more patient.

When you are saturated with your city life routine and a fast paced lifestyle, travelling to a province can make you lose your cool. To enjoy and relax doesn’t mean that things must go exactly as planned or scheduled. Allow yourself some lag time; find ways to enjoy the journey.

Keep simple, be humble.

While at home, you might feel that you are surrounded by things that you can’t sleep or live without. But believe it or not, you can survive without those things.

Travelling challenges you to pack things you only need, use the only things and eat only foods that are available to the place you’re going to visit.

So that when you get back home, you will realize that you don’t have to live a very complicated and extravagant life and still be perfectly happy.

Get along with other strangers

When you are travelling alone, it can get lonely. Well, others who travel alone feels that way too. So one lesson that you can learn while you are on your journey is how to make friends with a total stranger and how to do it without harming yourself.


You don’t always have to be in control

When you are obsessed with being on time and doing things exactly on time, you may face a challenge while travelling.

The bus or plane may be late, the person beside you may bother you, and things may not go exactly as you planned. So what? Don’t let any negative thought ruin your day.

Collect moments, not things.

Souvenirs can add to your collection when travelling. Sometimes they are cheap but some are too expensive. You don’t always have to buy it. Instead, indulge your senses to the paradise that the place has to offer. Savor the moment, and save the memories.

Find beauty in small things.

We are now surrounded with complicated technologies and expensive things. But when we travel to an unknown place where life is simple and beautiful, we will learn that things don’t always have to be complicated to be appreciated.

Sometimes, small things and simple things possess beauty beyond our expectations.

Appreciate other cultures.

It is very easy to judge other cultures but it is very different once you had the taste of eating. Get the real thing; learn firsthand, experience the culture. Taste the food, mingle with the locals, and try things you’ve never done before.

Appreciate your own place.

There are things that might surprise you in your on locality. Won’t you want to experience it? Great beach, marvelous waterfalls, beautiful stone formations. Your place may have something wonderful to offer and you can only appreciate it when you experience it firsthand.

Delaying life enjoyment when you retire is a bad idea.

The thrill, the joy, the fun of travelling is an experience no amount of money can buy. When you travel, you will learn that you don’t have to delay life’s enriching experience and wait for retirement age before you enjoy things. You may be too old to do things when you retire so enjoy while you are young.

These are just some of the wonderful lessons in life that you can acquire when you travel. So what are you waiting for?

Pack your things, ride a bus, book a flight, take a leap and enjoy!