Ana Margarita Olar |

Are you dreaming of a fun packed road trip with your family but always ended up exhausted and frustrated because your child has thrown temper tantrums? Then try out these tips:

Road trip tip #1: Plan

• Reserve all hotel accommodations in advance.
• Research beforehand to find interesting places to stop by such as parks, museums, and historic sites.
• If you can, try to combine refuelling and meal breaks to save time and avoid stopping and starting several times which can be tiring and bore the kids.
• Schedule your travel during your kid’s naptime. Bring along soft blankets, pacifiers, pillow, or a stuffed toy that your kids use when they sleep. It will lessen the distraction while you drive, and keep you and your child from travel exhaustion.

Road trip tip #2: Packing Strategy

If you have small kids and you need to stay at different places each night, consider packing a bag for each day rather than having a separate luggage for each individual. By doing so, you’ll just need to bring out one bag per day and the rest can be left safe and locked in the car.
Bring simple toys that can be played during a stopover and burn out the children’s excess energy such as beach ball, and chalk for drawing a pattern for hopscotch.

Bring along finger foods that can be easily eaten along the way such as sandwiches, crackers, and make sure to bring enough fluids especially potable water. You can also bring your family’s favorite fruits and vegetables for the snack.

Road trip tip#3: Precaution

• Have the car inspected by a mechanic before leaving home. Check the tires; change the fluids if needed, charge the batteries.

• Have an emergency kit in the trunk which can include extra batteries, flashlight, leather gloves, portable radio, duct tape, paper towels, tire sealant, etc.

• Include emergency first aid kit, which can include over the counter medicines, bandages, povidone iodine, antibiotic ointment, burn ointment, mosquito repellent lotion, antihistamine cream, and medications.

• Pack your luggage with precaution. Make sure the bags are closed properly. Toys and other objects should be kept to a minimum because they can cause harm in a crash.

• Check if your car has a panic button. Use it as a security alarm system when staying in hotels or campsites. If you parked your car nearby, you can press your car’s panic button if ever you were in danger.

• Don’t drive too far for a short period of time which is very dangerous. Don’t let your fuel level get below one-quarter of the tank to avoid running out of gas.

Road trip tip# 4: Play along the way

As much as you want to bring along hi-tech gadgets to stop the kids from bugging you, try to leave this at home if you want to really spend some quality and fun time with each other and not with the gadgets. Try playing family trivia, road scavenger hunt game, and so on.

Don’t be upset when things on the road didn’t turn out exactly as you planned it. What matters is that you’ve bonded and had a great time with your family.