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We often hear Batanes on the news. The weatherman made an impression to me that Batanes is an island that typhoon loves to visit.

But, today Batanes is becoming the top list most-visited island in the Philippines.

If Batanes is on your bucket list, here are the amazing spots that you should not miss:

Imnajbu Road Cliff

Imnajbu is the smallest barangay in Batanes. This place has a historical significance because the first mass and baptism is celebrated in this island. If you are looking for a perfect romantic shot, you can drop by the Alapad rock formation.

The View decks

Chawa view deck

Go to where the cliff meets the sea. This is the grandiose view that you can experience in Chawa view deck. Below the view deck are naturally made swimming pool which you can reach by descending on hundreds of steps towards the rocky coasts. As a tip: make sure that you’ll wear a non-slippery sandal.

Mahatao view deck

If you want a stop which will lead you to the beautiful hills, you should not miss visiting the Mahatao view deck. It is a perfect place to taste Ivatan cuisine too. Make sure that you’ll also drop by with one of the lighthouses in the place called the Tayid lighthouse.

Racuh A Payaman

This is one of the most popular spots in Batanes. The place will remind you of movie “The Sound of Music”.

Make sure that you have your selfie phone with you because this is a perfect spot to do one. The place has a spectacular panoramic view that will make you fall in love with Batanes.


Liveng is a Batanes word for tall grass or small trees like bamboo. They use these to protect their land from wild animals. The small trees and tall grasses also serve as a line to mark their land ownership. Beyond the hills of the island is a splendid view of tall vegetation that looks like a jigsaw puzzle.

Plan to visit Batanes and discover more beautiful places in the Philippines.




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