By: Ana Margarita Olar |

Aside from airfare and bus fare, one thing that eats up or travel budget is the food that we eat.

Why? Foods in terminals and bus stops tend to soar high especially if its “peak season”. As a hungry and tired traveler, you seem to have no choice. Buy foods even if it is expensive, rather than go hungry. This common situation seems something you can’t do anything about. But actually, you can do something to avoid these expenses.

Here are some tips to cut down your food expenses without getting hungry while traveling:

save budget


Talk to locals to help you find a grocery store. Usually, the items are priced reasonably. It helps you to save money when traveling. Don’t hesitate to go around and shop for local foods. When you plan to do this on your next travel you should bear these in mind:

  • Bring along reusable and disposable utensils such as fork, plates, spoons and paper cups. You can also bring a reusable paper bags for leftover.
  • Choose items that don’t require special tools to be opened. Choose ready to open cans and drinks with twist off caps.
  • If you want to taste locally produced foods, then buy a little amount of each kind. In this way, you can enjoy the different flavor and less the expenses.


When you are traveling, it is hard to avoid eating out. But you don’t have to waste a chunk of money for fancy and pricey restaurants. Do your research ahead.

If you are staying at a hotel, don’t ask concierges for recommendations. Instead, ask the locals where they prefer to eat. When traveling as a couple, you can eat half of each menu so you can taste all the variety of food.


Aside from the food, fancy drinks can also add up to your traveling expenses. They have added sugars, which is bad for your weight. And they also tend to be expensive, which is bad for your budget.

Be wise and bring a water bottle with you. You can ask for a refill at restaurants or at the airport. Some hotels also provide water dispensers for your convenience. Take advantage of this and cut your travel expenses.

Here are some things which you can do to avoid expensive foods while you are traveling. Be a smart traveler. Travel light and enjoy the journey.