Ana  Margarita Olar |

Our idea of work maybe sitting on a chair, inside a cubicle and banging your head on a computer from 8am to 5pm. This is the stereotype of an “office”.

But what if you can actually nap, workout, and even have a massage while you work? Wouldn’t that be fantastic?

Here are some companies with cool wellness program:



Imagine if you can slide your way to work. Or you can shower, have a massage, or get your laundry done. Or what if you can have swimming sessions while at work? It also invested in creating a People and Innovation Lab. This team conducts research and development within its People Operations.

They also have the Googlers-to-Googlers education program. Here, you can share what you know to a fellow employee. You can also learn endless and limitless knowledge. You can learn about parenting, cooking, leadership, and even yoga.


Fitbit is known to cater to other companies’ wellness through their fitness trackers. They work out health solutions with their clients. They answer to their client’s wellness needs. In general; companies will use the Fitbit trackers as a motivator of a rewards program.

They can also use the Fitbit dashboard to track burned calories, a number of steps, distance, and even hours of sleep.

The good thing is, they practice what they preach. They also have a wellness program for their employees. This is a collaboration between departments. From business development to management, marketing, and customer support.

They are working to integrate wellness as a part of their office culture.


In 2014, this company is voted as the healthiest workplace in the United States. Their wellness program consists of giving their employees all the necessary tools to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Back in 2008, the company opened a Wellness Park.

The employees can use the workout stations, table tennis, volleyball courts, and a 1/5 mile track. They also have other special wellness events such as annual health fair, Zumba sessions, and walking competitions.


This company also offers in-house subsidized massage, and other health and fitness perks. Their Chief Wellness Fool Sam Whiteside says: “Collaboration is the key. They are pulled out from different departments to join the wellness program.”

Whiteside also offers free personal training sessions and wellness consultations for the employees.

Fortunately, many companies are now aware that wellness program doesn’t only mean having a social security account. It doesn’t only mean having reimbursements for a hospital bill.

It is about investing and taking active steps to ensure health and wellness of every employee in the organization.