By: Ana Margarita Olar|

Many experts suggest that traveling is a great way to unwind and relax from a stressful work environment. But what if traveling exhausts you rather than rejuvenate you?

Solve some of these travel problems to make your vacation more meaningful and enjoyable by trying these tips:

Solve Packing Problems

This may seem to be the most stressful part of traveling: to make sure that your things are enough, without packing too much. But in the end, you’ve over packed and still left an important thing behind.

If you are traveling alone, make packing less stressful by having a list of essential things that you have to pack ahead of time.

If you are traveling with a buddy or along with your family, share ideas with them regarding the essential things that you should bring along and the ones which can be left behind.

Once you’ve found the perfect list, keep a copy of this so that you will have a guide for packing on your next vacation.

Make Travel Less Stressful (1)

Solve Transport Troubles

Congested roads, jam packed transport terminals, delayed air flights, all can wash away the excitement and enthusiasm when traveling.  Make transport less stressful by preparing and knowing the directions to your destinations beforehand.

Make sure you also check traffic and weather reports so that you can be prepared for detours or weather changes.

When traveling via plane, remember these TSA tips: keeping your valuables with you, minimize jewelry and other metals in your body to avoid the hassle, ditch the lighters, and keep in mind the things which should be subjected or screening such as laptops, camera, coat, blazers, and jackets.

Solve getting lost and cab rides in unfamiliar places.

When taking a car for travel, you seem to always go off course… when you take a cab, the driver might long haul you… what to do?

First, do a research about the place before your scheduled trip. You can print a map that shows the street names and familiar landmarks.

If you decide to drive, make travel less stressful by bringing along somebody who’s familiar with the place.

If you want a hassle free vacation, book a tour instead. In this way, you’ll have the luxury of going to different tourist spot without the worries.

Solve sleep starvation.

The packing, the late night review of the things that you packed, and getting early the next morning, will wear you out through the days to come because you didn’t rest well. Jet lag can also add to the problem.

Sadly at the end of the vacation, you feel exhausted rather than rejuvenated. Solve this problem by allowing some time to prepare for the trip, enjoy the trip and rest after the trip.

If you cannot take a day off before the scheduled travel time, prepare your trip a week earlier than usual.

As much as you want an extended vacation, go home one day earlier than your scheduled time to go back to work so that you’ll have time to unpack and rest.

So what are you waiting for? Schedule a time off, bring your family and friends and take you well deserved vacation. Enjoy!