By: Ana Margarita Olar |

Renting a car may seem a convenient way to travel when you don’t have your own vehicle. Yes, using a rental car can provide comfortable travel. You may think that the renting process is straightforward and without hidden charges.

There are hesitations and questions. Do I need to pay to refuel the car? Do I need an additional insurance? Do I need to avail all the other extras offered to me?

Be aware of these things to keep in mind when renting a car:



This is one of the appealing options when renting a car. The company takes advantage of your concerns about being late for flights. You may think that prepaid gasoline charges are worth it. When you think of it the charge for a prepaid fuel costs more than the actual price of gasoline.

There are companies that claim they will charge you for the fuel you actually use. But the odds are also in their favor, even in this case. So if you don’t have a pre-dawn flight, or you are not sure that you will return the tank half empty, do not fall for this trick.


In an attempt to swell the charges, car rental companies add an additional insurance option. Before you fall for this one, keep in mind that auto insurance companies have different policies.

Consult your auto insurance provider about this one. If you have a minimum permissible coverage, it means that renting a car is not covered by this insurance. But when you avail a full coverage, this can also include rented vehicles.


Check with your credit card company. Oftentimes, policies which are not covered by auto insurance are covered credit card terms. There are also cases when credit card insurance is better than auto insurance.

You must also consider that you need to use that credit card when renting a car for it to be covered by the insurance.


Just in case your rental car is damaged, loss of use charges is applied. This usually equals with the per day charge of the rental. Most auto insurance doesn’t cover this charge. But, there are credit card companies that cover this fee.

These are some of the things you should not forget when renting a car. Here are other things that you should also consider when renting a vehicle. While you are planning for a comfortable trip, you should also plan to be wiser during your travel.