Patricia Aleckzandra | PinoyTrekker

Riding a cab can be less stressful especially if you have tons of extra baggage to carry. As much as it can cause you less hassle, it is less advisable to take a cab especially in days when you need to be extra thrifty. One way to go around the Metro without spending beyond the budget is through commuting (the transfer from one vehicle to another). To lessen your morning commute problems on the busy and crowded streets of Metro Manila, here are four easy tips you can try:

  1. Plan your routes. Morning commute is much easier when you plan your routes a night before or ahead of time. Google (because it’s the easiest thing to do) possible ways you can take and pick one that will save you more time and money traveling. If you have picked your desired route, be familiar with its peak hours, and traffic flow. Consider alternative routes which you can take if ever unexpected situations occur that would hinder your original route to take. 
  1. Be early. The early bird does not only catch that juicy early worm but also commutes comfortably. Aside from not being late, there are other perks if you commute early including cleaner transportation, uncrowded places and vehicles, and you won’t have to stress with heavy traffic. Plus, you can grab your breakfast along the way not minding whether you arrive late. And you can arrive at the office still looking fresh because you don’t have to deal with the usual morning rush hours. How cool is that?! 
  1. Get your barya.  Whether it is for PUJs, tricycles or FXs, coins are much preferable than big bills. Paying the exact amount lessens trouble for both you and good old kuyang driver. Bring spare change lessening your “Manong, sukli sa sampu.” Besides, the driver will gladly accept your coins because he needs it for change. Remember this: Your BARYA is essential. 
  1. Be prepared. Always bring things you will use in case of emergency such as umbrella, extra foot wear, a spare wallet where you keep extra money just in case, a phone with load and your essentials. Learn to organize your bag and always be alert. Check weather and traffic news to keep you updated from time to time. In this way, you can be more prepared with what may come along the way during your morning commute.

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