By: Ana Margarita Olar|

What you do for money and what you do with your money are entirely different things. So if you’re the enthusiastic type who wants to explore the world  but lacks funds to finance your endeavor, here are some ways for you to earn money for travel:


One way to earn money for your travel expenses is to save money from your salary. Depending on how much you are earning, you can try saving 10% or 20% of your monthly salary for future travels.

If possible, you can convince your co-workers to do the same and then have a vacation with them so that you have someone to share the expenses and the fun.

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“Windfalls” are money that you didn’t expect such as bonuses, productivity pay, or winnings from draw lots or lottery. You can save this together with your salary savings in order to raise the money you need for travel.


Is your salary not enough? Are you tired of waiting for “windfalls”? Then having a side job is the answer. Freelance work depends on what abilities you have aside from your job description.

This can include painting, being a private tutor, writing articles, photography, selling different products and other ways which you can provide products and services and earn some money for your travel.


Because of the internet and the technology, businesses have now the capability of employing people from different time zone to accomplish about anything.

This means you can now earn money, anytime and anywhere with just your laptop, an internet connection, and your skills and creativity. Here are some websites you can try to help you earn money for your travel: is a website for freelancers who can do copywriting, web designing, tutoring services, and many others. Every day, there are thousands of jobs posted on Elance which you can apply by submitting job proposals.

On this site, people will pay you 5$ to do just about anything. It could be something that needs technical skills like computer graphic designs, checking a website or something ridiculous like paying you 5$ to court their girlfriend.

If you have teaching skills, this is the website where you can connect with students who are looking for an online mentor. Some categories are traditional such as singing lessons, English lessons, French lessons, or even acting lessons.

If you are passionate about online gaming, chances are you’ll have students on this site who are eager to learn and to pay, of course.

This site is like a hybrid of and You set up an account, fill out your profile, specify your area of expertise, and set your rate. If you have skills in online marketing, design, or technology, then you’re going to be a hit in this website.

Travel may be cheap or expensive depending on your personal preference and the place where you want to go. At a first glance, it may seem hard to save money for travel especially if you have other priorities that need to be financed. But with a bit of gut, imagination, and creativity, you can finally arrive at strategies to earn money and enjoy travelling.