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Are you longing for a quick vacation away from the hustle and bustle of Metro Manila? You’ll be surprised to find out that there are cheap destinations near Metro Manila that you will enjoy and will not hurt your budget. Check them out:

Cheap Destination #1: Go Church Hoping From Lipa to Taal, Batangas. The road from the city of Lipa to the heritage town of Taal is lined with grand churches and miraculous sites. From the exquisite Lipa Cathedral to the enormous Taal Basilica, the biggest in Asia, whether you are religious or not, take some time to view these places. You can enjoy tasty Batangueno dishes along the way. Bulalo, kapeng barako, tapang Taal, and lomi Batangueno are among the favorites. Suggested budget: 800-1200 pesos per person.

Cheap Destination #2: Go sightseeing in Tagaytay City. From Manila take a bus bound to Tagaytay or Nasugbu. If you don’t feel like hiking, getting physical and the sweating stuff, then go to Tagaytay City. It has relaxing views, and a cool atmosphere to boast. Visit the People’s Park and spend the morning in having a 360-degree view of the city. Admire the crater of Taal volcano from afar. You can also go to Sky Ranch and enjoy their amenities there. Suggested Budget: 800-1500 pesos per person.

tagaytay near manila

Cheap Destination #3: Enjoy art and culture in Paete, Laguna and Angono, Rizal. Although not much considered as tourist destination spot, Laguna has a number of surprises for visitors who takes a step at this place. Be fascinated by the art of sculpture and how the people of Paete are well inclined with their craft. Challenge your fears and discover the Underground Cemetery in Nagcarlan. The province also hails several ancestral houses and historic churches. Meanwhile Angono, Rizal is equally interesting. For one, take a look at the oldest prehistoric artwork known as the Angono-Binangonan petro glyphs. For those who loves exotic foods, try soup number 5 in one of the known restaurants in the area.

Cheap Destination #4: Take a historical leap in Corregidor Island. Corregidor is reachable via ferry ride. Found at the mouth of Manila Bay, this place was a strategic military base that played a vital role during the World War II. Suggested Budget: 2500 pesos per person.

Cheap Destination #5: Follow Death March trails in Bataan, all the way from Dinalupihan to Diwa Pilar Bataan. Finish your tour at Mt. Samat and enjoy its ups and downs. How? Take a lift from the elevator and go up the Mt. Samat’s cross to enjoy a 360-degree bird’s eye view of Bataan. Go down the underground museum where there are displays of World War II relics.