Ana Margarita Olar |

There are many places around Manila which are just a drive away. You can enjoy in two ways: the scenes along the way and the destination itself. Here are five of the best road trips in Luzon that you should try:

Bataan – A province in Central Luzon, three to four-hour drive away from Manila. Bataan offers a road trip adventure with historical value and enhances your love for mother nature. Try visiting Mount Samat in Pilar Bataan where you can hike or use your car to reach the top of the mountain. At the top, you will be welcomed by breathtaking scenery. There is also a symbolic cross that depicts the hardships faced by the soldiers of Bataan during World War II. It has an elevator where you’ll enjoy a bird’s eye view of the place. The museum which contains relics from the World War II. So you’ll have a nature trip and historical trip as well.

Bataan Technology Park Inc. – located at the top of a hill in Morong Bataan, two and a half hour drive from Manila via SCTEX. It is an eco-tourism nature park which offers a panoramic view of Bataan Mountains and West Philippine Sea. This place also offers facilities for sports, air soft, trailblazing, mountain biking, and an obstacle course.

Aurora Province– Located in Central Luzon, five to six-hour drive away from Manila. Baler, Aurora is a renowned spot for surfing enthusiasts but if you just want to go on a plain road trip then you enjoy the view of exotic forests of the Sierra Madre Mountain Range. You can also visit historical sites which mark the last stronghold of Spanish regime in the Philippines. Be fascinated by the view (or take a splash!) at Diguisit Falls, and walk through the white sand of Dicasalarin Cove while watching a breathtaking sunrise. Hit the road off to Maria, Aurora where you can find a 600-year-old Balete tree.

Baguio– located at northern Luzon, the summer capital of the Philippines is a six to eight-hour drive from Manila via TPLEX. On the way to Baguio, enjoy the scenic view, a steep winding road that’s perfect for a road trip. The scent of pine trees and a cool weather can add to your enjoyment. Visit Camp John Hay for recreational activities, have a picnic at Burnham Park, or pick fresh strawberries at LA Trinidad.

Laguna– located at Southern Luzon this province has loads of places to visit for a road trip. If you want a little twist on your road trip, try the river rapids leading to Pagsanjan Falls. If you want to rekindle you Catholic faith, visit Virgen de Turumba Church at Pakil, Laguna which is also the site of several raids by pirates from Laguna de Bay during the Hispanic period. If you are into artistic masterpieces, then visit Paete Laguna where the citizens are famous for the mastery in wood carving. Most of the craftsman’s marvelous masterpieces are found at St. James the Apostle Church in Paete. Lumban Laguna has another craft to offer: fine embroidery. You can marvel on how the delicate jusi and pinya fabrics are embellished with motifs and designs. Finish your road trip adventure with a thrill by going to Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery which is a vital place in Philippine history. This place serves as a hideout of Filipino Revolutionaries during Fil-Am War and World War II. The walls are decorated with stone works and leads to a small chapel above ground.