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In the report of the World Health Organization in 2015, 1.25 million people have died globally due to road accidents and 53% reported road traffic fatalities in the Philippines are motorcycle riders.

Although the country has laws for speed limit, use of motorcycle helmets and seatbelts, and drunk driving, unfortunately have not been sufficiently implemented.

Riding a motorcycle is yes fun, cool, and the cheapest & easiest form to have your own transportation despite the fact it is risky and dangerous.

Well, you can’t avoid accidents to happen but you can be a responsible rider. So here’s the top 5 A Must do before getting yourself into riding your own motorcycle:

  1. Get a License – many, not in general prefer to invest first on their motorcycles and not in getting a driver’s license. This is the reason why a lot of motorcycle riders end up being apprehended because of driving without license. Worst case scenario, their beloved motorcycles are confiscated.
  2. Register your motorcycle– aside from driving without license, next violation most motorcycle riders commit is, driving their unregistered motorcycles on national road. With news everywhere about riding in tandem, it’s best to register your motorcycles to avoid inconvenience with check points.
  3. Buy safety gears –  even though in some cities particularly in the province allow riding a motorcycle without a helmet, keep in mind that you should still wear a full-face helmet, motorcycle jacket/ jacket, and gloves every time you ride, so that in any case, you meet an accident, you are at least protected.
  4. BE SAFE – Follow traffic rules. Have fun, be assertive but be careful especially if you’re on national road with buses, trucks and other vehicles.  Always BE SAFE.
  5. Buy Insurance – you might shrug about it but hey, being insured gives you additional coverage if you end up needing medical treatment from an accident. Just like the Comprehensive Insurance Protection for Motorcycles and Tricycles from Liberty Insurance Corporation.

The Motorcycle Shield pays for loss or damage, compulsory third party liability, excess third party liability, voluntary third party liability property damage or unnamed driver personal accident. Depending on what you need, you can find the best coverage for a good price.

Riding a motorcycle can really be exhilarating but always remember, better be safe than never.

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