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When Christmas potluck has already become a tradition within your extended family, it will be a yearly gathering, unless someone else suggests a different kind of celebration this year. If you can’t think of any other way to do it, spending Christmas together on a different place may be something that every member must have been anticipating. Sure, there’s no place like home but how about something new for December 2016 with the fam? Here are the reasons to travel in December:

There would be less crowds.

You may want to take advantage of the less congested vacation spots because people may likely spend their holidays in malls and restaurants in the metro. If you’d opt for resorts and unique accommodations, you’ll surely get those locations all by yourselves as if you have rented them. Also, people rather spend time at home as they bond and eat, so the traffic flow may be light during these days.

You’ll be able to save yourself from dirty floors and dishes.

This year is your family’s turn to host the clan’s Christmas gathering so you’re probably expecting a pile of dishes on the counter after dinner, right? If you’d rather travel, not only would you taste other cuisines but also save time and effort in doing household chores on supposed-to-be-fun days.

More fun memories are made during the journey.

When your destination is 5 hours away by land, the conversations inside the vehicle may turn out to be better than educational trips with your classmates because a lot of catching up may happen with your family members. Even when five people are speaking all at once, enthusiastically sharing their stories, nothing may ever feel the same way as fooling around with your loved ones.

You’ll never get deductions from absences.

If you’re worried about deductions, then take the opportunity to travel on Christmas holidays. Redeem your vacation leaves to be able to spend more time before or after Christmas. In that way, whether you’re travelling with your family or friends, they could give no excuses regarding work or school.

There’ll be more promos and packages.

Because people get more days off of work, chances are, establishments, resorts or other facilities announce promo rates to get your attention. And if you don’t have any plan yet, your holiday could depend on the deals. In that way, you could tag along your other family members because of the discounted rates.

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