Ana  Margarita Olar |

When you are traveling for leisure, you can postpone your fitness routine for a couple of days. Then you can start where you left off. A few days of pure fun and relaxation won’t hurt.

But if you are traveling frequently, it is hard to squeeze in workouts on your busy schedule.  Travelling often can cause stress and threat to your physical fitness. The good news is, you can do something about it.

What if you can travel and stay fit at the same time? Just add these few things on your luggage and you’re good to go:


When you are traveling here or abroad, it is expensive to buy bottled water now and then. Even sodas and flavored drinks can cost a lot. Soft drinks and other fizzy drinks contain sugar, acids, and chemicals.

All of these are bad for your body. One way to stay fit is to stay hydrated. How? Bring your own water bottle. You can have a refill at the airport, bus stations, and even restaurants. They cost little and sometimes they are for free.


Eating healthy food while you travel is a challenge. If you can, try to go to the market so that you can buy fruits and healthy greens. Or you can bring along dried fruits, and mixed nuts along the way. You can also bring along a full meal the night before your trip.


If you want to work out and stay fit while you travel, a jump rope is a brilliant idea. It is portable and can be used even in your hotel room. It can also be your alternative when you are bored of running. You can alternate walking, running and skipping while you are sightseeing. Learn more from these jump rope exercises and tricks.



When you are traveling for business and meetings, you only tend to bring along high heeled shoes. But if you are staying for several days you might consider bringing along running shoes.

Stay fit by burning those excess calories. Running can also relieve your stress and give you a sense of being free.


A yoga mat is a lightweight piece of material which you can use to stay fit from the core.  Snatch up some core exercise between your travel itineraries. Use this for sit ups, curl ups and crunches. Or if you want to relax, then do some yoga postures. 

It is challenging to stay fit while you travel. It will take a bit of discipline and effort to achieve it. and if you can, you’ll reap it’s health benefits and enjoy you travel a little more.