By: Ana Margarita Olar |

The outcome of our work out doesn’t depend on how the work out is done. The things that you do before a work out also matters. Here are some things that you should stop doing before hitting the gym:



If you don’t have time to do a morning workout, you can still work out in the afternoon. But, after a tiring day at work, going straight to bed is so tempting. Being in a deep sleep can actually hinder your work out performance. A nap that lasts for more than 30 minutes can make you feel dizzy and exhausted afterward. If you want, you can just rest and relax for a few minutes before starting your work out. In this way, you’ll give your body enough time to switch from work mode to work out mode.


Alcohol and work out was never a good combination. Mike Donavanik, a certified strength, and conditioning specialist explains why. He said:  “Depending on the tolerance level, the effects vary from dehydration, drowsiness, impaired motor function, narrowing of blood vessels and other side effects. Another fitness enthusiast and author Georgie Fear supports this.

He said: “Alcohol can lower down blood sugar levels which can lead to shakiness, and weakness. It can also cause injury during a workout.


During our younger days, our PE teachers may have taught us to do toe touches and some other stretching before a workout. But right now, expert says some sort of stretching may cause danger than good. Static stretching such as toe touches can decrease the strength of muscles.

Also, it can increase the risk of pulling or straining these muscles. So instead of static stretching, you can warm up your muscles by running in place. You can also try jumping jacks or jogging.


After eating a large meal, your body will exert an effort to digest the excessive amount of food. Digestion requires movements of digestive muscles, which in turn requires energy consumption. When we work out during this process, it can lead to stomach cramps and nausea.

So  to avoid these discomfort and possible harm, maintain a healthy pre-work out meal. Have sips of water and stick to fruits and vegetables.


Because a high-intensity work out is “intense” it will drain your body of energy. It also burdens your respiration. It can also drain your stamina and strength. You won’t be able to continue your work out.

Avoid these mistakes and take good care of your body even during the workout. You may also check things that you can do after a workout.