Ana Margarita Olar|

You’ve heard of this wonderful place but it would take a long flight. Or you’re on a business trip involving a long flight. What should you do? Prepare yourself. And here are some ways to be comfortable and enjoy a long flight:

It’s going to be boring, ugh. It’s tiring. I’m all worn out. Are you thinking about these things? Well, chances are, you are bored, tired and worn out even at the start of the flight. The negative and irritating emotions are all in your mind. Teach yourself to enjoy and be contented. When your mind is clouded with irritation, you’ll miss out on things that you might enjoy. The choice is endless: a chat with a total stranger, time to read, listen to music, munch on your favorite snack, and more. Remember, it’s all in your mind.

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Don’t try to look sophisticated in a flight and suffer the consequences. If you want to wear killer heels, tight clothes and all that, save it when you arrive at your destination. You won’t look too fabulous with a sore foot and aching legs. Frequent stretching of your plunging neckline or too short dress doesn’t look fabulous either. Choose comfortable clothes such as a loose top, and flat shoes. Being comfortable during a long flight is more important than trying to impress people.

Being in a small place with lots of people doing their stuff may look stressful for some. Have a mental escape by listening to a relaxing music during your flight. This will help you relax and be comfortable even on a long flight.

They key to staying refreshed is water for your body and moisture for your skin. Being in air-conditioned spaces dries the skin, so don’t forget to put on moisturizers. Also, don’t forget to drink water from time to time. Avoid coffee and alcoholic drinks. Alcohol and caffeine can cause dehydration. So stick to water and stay refreshed.

Most of us don’t want to do the “number two” inside a plane. But if the urge is there, you don’t have to hold back. You will feel comfortable after. And don’t hold on to your full bladder as well. Have occasional trips to the bathroom if you have to.

You can also check out these safety tips for long flights. The quality of your flight is up to you. Will you be suffering from boredom and irritation? Or are you going to make travel fun and enjoyable?