Ana Margarita Olar |

Every island in the Philippines offers a variety of attractions to offer, from fascinating places, tasty foods, and hospitable locals. Davao City is one of the most visited places by tourists because of these unique things and places that you can try:

1. Climb the highest mountain in the Philippines. Mount Apo stretched along Mindanao can also be reached through Kidapawan or Bukidnon. But most Mindanao tourist would need to go through Davao City to reach the trails going to Mount Apo. It has an altitude of 9,692 ft. and welcomes climbers with challenging jungle paths and wild natural formations. There are various obstacles and breathtaking sights to see.

2. Have a unique food trip. Try Durian fruit that’s unique in Davao City. It has a strong odor but tastes great as well. If you don’t have the guts to eat the fruit, then just try the products fresh from where it is produced such as durian candy, durian tart, and even durian ice cream.

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3. Meet with fascinating creatures. Try the Philippine Eagle Center to have a glimpse of the nearly extinct Philippine eagle. Also, you can have a tour on Davao Crocodile Park to see these wild but fascinating reptiles.

4. Have a Cultural and Nature trip at the same time.

• Eden Nature Park Mountain Resort found in Toril, Davao City. A property located in an area that used to be a logged-over place. Then the owners decided to develop the area, have it landscaped and planted with trees. It has various attractions such as the Amphitheater which is reminiscent of the ancient Roman Civilization, Plaza Maria which is dedicated to the Immaculate Concepcion, Jogging Lane, and Hiking Trails that lets you walk through boulder paths while experiencing the beauty of nature. For those who are thrill lovers, you can also try sky cycling.
• People’s Park is another tourist attraction. It is a culturally themed park that has life-sized sculptures of Lumads, Philippine Eagle and many more. It also has to follow features: The Promenade which is a track for joggers and walkers, the Dancing Fountain, a 10-meter man-made waterfall, Durian Dome, and Kid’s Playground.
• Gap Orchard Resort is a ten-hectare farm planted with tropical fruits. It is like an outdoor museum of folklore, history and culture. It is a great field trip for children and adults alike. It features characters from Philippine myths such as kapre, tikbalang, and nuno. It also offers carabao ride. You can also go through a Japanese Tunnel. Children can enjoy the Enchanted Children’s Playground featuring a big blue tree house.

5. For Thrill Lovers, try Zorbing. Visit Davao Zorb Park where you can ride a huge inflatable transparent globe made of plastic and roll down a gentle slope in a safe and controlled environment lasting for a few seconds to a minute or so. You can also hydro ride where the giant globe is placed in the water while you are inside.