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Traveling for leisure is fun and exciting but when it comes to expenses, the excitement halts. And when it comes to unexpected charges and fees, stress replaces fun. So save yourself from a stressful vacation. Include these expenses on your travel budget:

travel budget


This is one of the common hassles that a traveler encounters. They grab a travel package which offers a great deal only to face other flight fees and baggage fees. Check with you airline website a few days before the travel, and not at the time of departure. Pack with efficiency and not with impulse. Over packing can lead to expenses which are over your travel expenses. Other flight fees which you might encounter are WIFI costs, food, and beverage costs.


Most of the time, departure taxes are already included with your ticket fees. But there are certain places where you need to pay departure taxes at the airport. In many places, departure taxes won’t blow up your travel budget. But there are countries that charge a high departure tax.


Either you are backpacking, or traveling in luxury, you definitely need to secure travel insurance. Travel insurance provider like World Nomads provides medical protection. They also offer assistance for trip cancellations, interruptions, and delays. Purchasing a travel insurance will cost you less that $100 and has thousands of dollars in protection coverage.


When you travel abroad, you’ll likely to have transaction fees from your credit card company. Make sure to inform your credit card company about your travel abroad.  Ask them about foreign transaction fees so that you will be aware. And when you are paying in cash, make sure that you convert it to your own currency. In this way, you can determine if you really have a good deal or not. For your convenience, try the XE currency app. 


Your travel budget may have covered your meals at your destination. What about during your travel? Meals are expensive at the airport, which is double the price compared to local price. But there are instances of delayed flights and layovers. So you have to consider this on your travel budget.


Before packing, make sure that you look into the costs of a hotel that you’re staying. Be clear about the coverage of the fees. Room service, internet fees, open bar, are some of the fees usually forgotten by the travelers. Make sure they are included in your budget to avoid being shocked with the expenses later on.

Before you pack your bags, make sure that you include these possible expenses on your budget. In this way, you will still have time to plan on how you can save and have a fun-filled and relaxing vacation.