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Traveling has never been this exciting as more millennials take on adventures because it’s simply what’s on hype today. As social media magnifies this trend, some dare to venture even when they’re alone. May it be for the love of travel or as to release their inner wanderlust, still, an adventure alone would be a whole lot different from travelling in groups. For people, especially to women who like or who are planning to go on solo trips, it may mean something more interesting and more fulfilling. But risks will always be present, so get to learn these hacks for a comfortable and safe travel.

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  1. Carefully plan your trip

Who does not do this? Of course you would, but if you’re a solo traveler, you’d have to make sure to check if your destinations and accommodation has specific rules for travelers like you. Make sure that you budget your time and money based on what would make you spend less if you’re going solo. Tour services (mostly on Facebook) now offers solo joiners for their trips, where they gather solo travelers for one itinerary and transportation.

  1. Do a research about your destination

It’s not enough that you know how to get there and where to stay in. Learn their language, save contact numbers, and pin important places such as terminal and police station on your map. You need to learn how the people in that place deals with tourists or what their culture is so that you won’t feel awkward as you interact with them. Sometimes, people tend to take advantage of tourists who seem to know less about their place. You could read reviews online so that you could get first-hand information from travelers, too.

  1. Pack light

Even when it’s hard to do so, it’ll be the most convenient thing especially if you’re alone. Aside from the fact that you don’t have someone to check on your bags if ever you’d have to leave them someplace, it’ll be a hassle to carry big bags around if you’re alone. Bring only things which you think that you could really use. Try packing clothes per day, so that you won’t need to bring excess clothes which you thought you could wear.

  1. Travel during the day

If the schedule permits, it’ll be the safest to travel during the day. Not only would you be able to spot landmarks near your destination, but more people would surely be around. But if you do not have a choice, make sure to choose a reliable mode of transportation, and carry with you some self-defense tools such as pepper spray (for ages 18 and above), ballpen, or any tool which you could use for potential attackers.

  1. Have your cash on hand

If you’re going to an island and you’re expecting to see malls around, then you’ll probably end up hungry. Always be ready for emergency expenditure (even when you have paid for your room reservation, tours, etc.) by having bills on your wallet. Remember not to put everything in one place and distribute them into pockets and pouches instead because when that one purse gets lost, you’ll be left with nothing.

  1. Act like you know the place

Even when you don’t, it’ll be helpful if you show the locals that you’re clueless about your surroundings. If you don’t really know where you’re going, you could ask the policemen or the jeepney and tricycle drivers for directions. If you think someone’s following you, or is trying to lure you by offering cheap and suspicious offers, walk into public places such as restaurants, stores, parks, or where most people are.

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