Patricia Aleckzandra | PinoyTrekker

Four wheels are neat. Yet controlling your two-wheel-bad-ass-motorcycle is cool especially on times when you are itching to get up and go out to explore the world. But we cannot argue that it is more dangerous compared to driving a car, still there is no experience more exciting compared to the rush motorcycle riding gives. So why dull yourself out and be comfortable with your seat belts and comfy seats when you can wander lost on the road? You are young. Take deep breaths. And brace yourself with the rough roads ahead… oh and take your motorcycle with you, too. Here are some of the reasons why you should be travelling on your motorcycle now.

1. You learn to be responsible. Riding a motorcycle requires you to take full responsibility of yourself. It is actually learning your road signs and the basic do’s and don’ts of the road. A responsible motorcycle driver also sees to it that his safety gears are all in good condition. So is his bike. Travelling is one way of actually saying you’re a strong and independent individual ready to face the challenges that you will face. Motorcycle driving is letting that strong, independent individual try new thing.

2. You’ll know incredible people. And share their life stories. Every place has a different story. Be amazed on their tales of how her daughter became the first teacher in their tribe, or how they cook their special dish. Play with the kids under the sun, or help make your own souvenir. Who knows? Maybe you might encounter someone who will make a great impact on your life and influence you. There are a lot of stories out there. And the best ones are written by the locals themselves. All you have to do is get on that motorcycle and start riding solo.

3. You gain confidence. Achieving something builds up your confidence. Travelling alone is already a good achievement. Knowing that you can actually get out of the realms of your comfort zone, and took the challenge of conquering the world in a fast paced is something to really brag about. And besides, travelling makes you smarter and more spontaneous. There are available paths which you can take, and more paths which you could explore. Turn to another road which will lead you to your next destination. Motorcycle driving can let you be more spontaneous compared to trains and airplanes. (c) Honda

4. You get to know YOU better. Going out to see the world is a great deal for your individuality. When you travel alone, you experiment with many things. As you deal with yourself, you get to know your likes and dislikes. You may also get into tough situations where you’ll discover the things you are capable of doing, and how far you can push yourself. Discovering what drives you, entices you, makes you happy, without someone dictating it, is probably one of the best feelings in the world. Travelling can help you in forming your dreams and goals. It opens a new door for you… and this time, you’re not scared to try it out.

5. You will learn. A lot – from people to food to places and even learn something new about yourself. Explore every nook, crack, corner and road. Do not be afraid to try new things – a dish, the local language that fermented juice, or even that musical instrument they play. Anything under the sun!

6. It is a wholesome experience. Driving a motorcycle requires your senses, reflexes, body and mind working together. Not only that it gives them an ecstatic drive but leaves you wanting more. It fills your whole body with experience and sensations buses, trains, airplanes and cars can’t give. It simply makes you feel alive.