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Whether you’re a just a fresh graduate or in your early 20s, adult stage, this is the perfect stage to pursue the things you want. Now that you just survived two decades of your life, it is time to reward yourself with something worth it. That is why travelling should be on top of your list. It is quite sad that a lot of 20-something peps out there think that traveling on their age is impossible, and make up hundreds of reasons for it. But seriously, this is the perfect time for you to travel. Here are seven reasons why you should travel on your 20s:

  • Now is the perfect time. You have all the time in the world to travel. Your 20s is not the end of everything but merely the start of the real world. You have a lot of reasons to travel now. Embrace your unlimited freedom now to travel and explore.
  • It is cheaper. One, you don’t need to stay in expensive hotels to be comfortable. You can stay comfortable and sleep anywhere. Two, you can eat street food that is cheaper than a breakfast in bed in a hotel. Three, you learn how to budget. There are millions of ways you can enjoy while spending less.
  • Appreciate independence. The unlimited freedom you can get is just one of the perks of traveling. Solo travel on your 20s would mean independence at its finest enabling you to step outside your bubble and try new things.
  • Enhance social skills. You will usually meet a lot of people which forces you to strike up a conversation and making you leave your comfort zones. Isn’t this fun?
  • For memories. One of the reasons why people travel is to make memories. People want something to look back to, and stories to tell as well. You will meet hundreds of people along the way, experience different culture, and can be in a situation you never expected to be in. Traveling makes you an interesting person.
  • For forging friendships. You will meet a lot of people while traveling – locals from the places you visit, people who have the same interest as you do, and others with different personalities that would help you discover who you are. Creating connections with the people you meet can be useful for your future endeavours. Not only can you build friendship along the way. Who knows? You may find love on your next destination.
  • For self-discovery. Traveling does not only let you explore places. It also takes you to explore parts of yourself you have not yet discover. Going away from home (which is your comfort zone) can expose you to situations you never thought you will encounter. This discomfort will lead to your personal growth. Traveling will make you face the harsh, at the same time, beautiful truths of the world. Your 20s should be the time you open up to opportunities where you can grow. Travel and be a wanderlust, and not wonder lost.

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