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All your bags are packed and ready to go. But are you ready for the long ride when traveling?

The good thing about traveling is you get to explore a lot of places. The bad thing about it is the long hours of waiting on stations or the long hours of sitting until your bottom numbs. Sometimes, you get stuck with the most unexpected and most uncomfortable circumstances you can think of. You get seated next to a guy with a deadly BO, or some teen that just can’t stop talking to her phone. You will get annoyed (yes… you will). You might even curse the whole ride and would just want to get off to your destination. But do not fear for we have provided you 7 things you can do to pass the time.

  1. Play Tunes. A good playlist can make long hours of riding a lot fun. Songs can transport you to different places. You can be Zayn’s Pillow Talk or go through seven years of your life. It all depends on the music you are playing. Before the trip, create several playlists that you can listen to (e.g. a playlist to give you all the good vibes, a playlist to help you sleep, a playlist to give you motivation) Put the right songs and start playing them.


  1. Doze off. Most of the time, this is what people do. Sleeping throughout the ride can make the time pass faster than just staying awake. This can also give you extra energy to explore more when you reach your destination. But sleeping ALL THROUGH OUT your journey is not advisable. One reason is that you get to miss out the beauty of the sceneries along the way. Take time to appreciate the rising sun through the stained windows of your ride, or enjoy the sites you passed by – the luscious mountains, the green meadows and field, and more.


  1. EAT. Of all the things Filipinos enjoy the most, it is eating. We grew up having baon or packed snacks to lessen expenses. It is encouraged to eat something light when you are in for long trips to avoid undesirable circumstances. Bring your own plastic bag where you put your trash so you can avoid littering inside the vehicle. Practice the “clean as you go” policy.


  1. Contemplate About Life. Long bus ride gives you the opportunity to actually plan about your life. Decide which aspect you wanted to change or to enhance. Think about your relationship with your family, friends, co-workers and even to your significant other. Carefully evaluate how you are really doing with your life and what you really wanted to be. Traveling can help you discover a part you never know existed. Long hours of sitting can help you be enlightened.


  1. Read a Book. A good book is a good companion especially if you wanted to kill time. Choose a book that you have been dying to read, or have been on your shelves for quite a long time. Let a book transport you to another place at a different dimension while traveling to your destination.


  1. Watch a Movie. Bus companies usually provide movies to pass time especially on long trips. Enjoy their offered movies and chill. If you are not up for the kind of movies they play, you can always watch from your smartphones or iPads. Make sure to download movies that you find interesting and you don’t get bored easily. Bring extra powerbanks in case your devices need recharging.


  1. Work. As exciting as it might sound, you can actually work on long trips. Checking and sending e-mails can be done with your smartphones while enduring that long travel. Creating and editing documents along the way can lessen your work when you get from your vacation or back to your office. Get as much work done as possible to save you the trouble later.

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