By: Ana Margarita Olar|

Travelling either for leisure, medical treatment, or for business needs careful and thorough preparation to lessen the stress and minimize the burden of traveling. Here are some to do things before you travel abroad:

  1. Always carry a copy of passport or visa when you travel. Just in case your original passport is stolen or lost, you have the documents to prove your identity and citizenship. As a security measure, you can also leave a copy of passport at home with someone you trust and have an electronic copy as well.Travel (2)
  1. If you have a medical condition, check with your physician and insurance company. Make sure you have the required immunization and up to date prescription as well as a supply of you needed medicines while on travel. Be prepared in case of emergencies by carrying an identification card or band, with an emergency contact number and you medical condition. Also, make it clear with your insurance provider if overseas emergencies are covered.
  1. Consider the currency conversion rate of the country that you’re going to travel. Do your research and do the Math so that you estimate the cost of your travel without the hassle of running short on your budget.
  1. Check to make sure that your credit card will work with the country that you are going to. European banks are now using a more advanced and more secure chip-and-PIN technology, while fewer businesses are accepting the outdated magnetic strip cards.
  1. Make sure that you have the local currency because not every place uses credit cards. Search beforehand where you can change your money to local currency to make sure the money is not a fake and the conversion rate is more exact.
  1. Before your travel, check out the airport guidelines from your country of origin to your country of destination. Make sure that you are well informed about how many bags or luggage they allow for free to avoid any hassle and unexpected charges.
  1. Get updated guidebooks regarding the country that you are going to visit. Or, if you are a techie you can download travel apps before you leave to avoid overseas charges from your wireless provider.
  1. Do your research about that country. It’s more fun if you can experience one of a kind festival, ceremonies or natural events such as bird migration, snowfall, a bloom of cherry blossoms and other exciting natural events.

Travelling for whatever purpose should be fun, enjoyable, safe and worry free. Remember, as a traveler, you must enjoy both the journey and the destination.