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The adrenaline rush, excitement and sense of freedom that you feel whenever you’re riding that two-wheel fun machine is incomparable to any kind of car. Motorcycles is one of the most in-demand vehicle in the country nowadays due to its versatility and diversity. Today, countless of motorcycles have emerge with different purposes. If you can’t decide which motorcycle to buy, here are the four types of motorcycle that might serve your purpose.

  1. Cruisers. Remember those bike riders in the American movies that you usually watch? Those riders dressed in blue jean cowboy and hooking up with other bikers for brotherly rides together? If you see yourself riding along with them, then a cruiser is best for you. These account 40% of bikes in North America. They are characterized with an upright riding position, forward foot pegs and low seat height perfect for first time bike riders. Cruisers sported a lean back position which means one will be supporting the weight of the top end of your body using muscles one that don’t normally use. Because of this, cruisers are considered to be uncomfortable for longer riding trips.

The good thing about cruisers is that it is friendly for customization. Most of these kinds of motorcycle are designed according to the owner’s ideals making it a source of pride and accomplishment.

  1. Sport Bikes. If you want speed and acceleration, then sport bikes will be perfect for you. Optimized for speed, acceleration, braking and cornering on paved roads, these kinds of bikes will satisfy its riders with both speed and thrill. Typically, sport bikes have high-performance engines, lightweight body frames, better braking system and suspension, easier handling, more aerodynamic fairings and windscreens, and higher foot pegs and longer reach to hand controls which would force you to lean forward when riding and shifts the bike’s center of gravity forward. Because sport bikes concentrate on power and speed, it will have less fuel efficiency compared to other types of bikes.

For riders who just started cruising for a couple of years, avoid any type of sport bikes for a while. Give time to train your body on handling a motorcycle to avoid getting stuck in deadly situations. You don’t need a sport bike to have extra fun on a motorcycle. We promise you!

  1. Touring Bikes. Have the urge to go an extra mile long? Then go get yourself a touring bike. These kind of bikes are well-equipped for long-distance rides because of its larger engines, fairings and screens designed for weather and wind protection, higher-capacity fuel tanks and more space to store luggage. Touring bikes are often the biggest and heaviest type of available bikes. Its seats are designed in a more natural sitting position for comfortability and ease.

If you aim for more than comfortability, check out Honda Gold Wing which offers you power, performance, and perfect smoothness. Gold Wing gives you the chance to experience luxury on two wheels. Travel down the road with its fully integrated GPS-based navy system on two wheels, featuring a brighter color LCD screen and step-by-step verbal directions via Gold Wing’s sound system. You can also plan your trips routes in your computer and upload them into your navi system. There are also additional features that would make your ride enjoyable. Listen to the radio with its XM Satellite Radio which you can listen about the traffic, weather and regular radio programs.

Honda Goldwing Dashboard
Honda Goldwing Dashboard
  1. Standards. A lot of people consider this type as hybrids between the universal Japanese motorcycles, classic British bikes, and modern technology. Also known as “naked motorcycle”, it is often characterized having an upright riding position, situated handlebar and foot pegs to prevent riders from reaching too far, and does not include fairings and windscreens.

These bikes are designed to be an all-around bike with moderate-size engines and functional and user-friendly designed highly recommended for beginners.