If you are traveling on a budget to the island resort of Boracay, here are things to consider when looking for the right budget hotel:

  1. A safe neighborhood

No hotel booking is a bargain if it requires sacrificing safety. A budget hotel in a questionable neighborhood should never be considered. At the very least, you should look for a place where there is proper lighting and a security presence. Hotels that offer inside hallways and no exterior entry provide better security that those with entrances opening to the outside world. That’s just one of the many safety characteristics found in secure hotels. Others include elevators that don’t go from a parking area to hallways with guest rooms, and electronic locks on doors that can be reprogrammed immediately.

It is also good to have surveillance cameras in common areas, 24-hour security and a front desk that is staffed at all times. Properties that have invested in such amenities deserve more consideration, even if their room rates are bit higher.

  1. Clean rooms 

It is only natural to expect fewer comforts in a budget rom. You are paying for a place to sleep and clean up, not for luxury hot tubs, balconies with sweeping views or chic furniture. These concessions aside, no one should ever sacrifice cleanliness for a better price. A room might be inexpensive, but that does not mean it should be dirty, smelly or moldy. You would not want to fall ill because of a poorly maintained hotel room. 

  1. Easy access to transportation

A cheaply priced room that is located five kilometers from the place you want to visit is more expensive than a slightly higher priced stay in a convenient location. The cheap room will require expenditures of both time and money for transportation that will eat into the room rate savings. It’s a relative bargain to spend an additional P800 a night for a room that is a short walk from a public transportation stop or train station. The same might apply to hotels that offer free parking.

  1. Freebies such as breakfast and internet access

Spending more money on meals can affect your travel budget. Dining out is expensive and costs are difficult to estimate. If your budget hotel offers free breakfast, it is possible to scrimp on lunch and save more money for a nice dinner. Make sure that your chosen budget hotel offers free internet access. You will definitely have additional savings because of this.

  1. Updated mattresses and carpeting

There are budget hotels that offer impressive common areas and free amenities but scrimp on less visible essentials such as a quality mattress or updated carpeting. That mattress is quite important to the success of your stay. How will you find out about this? There are websites that offer customer reviews about most of the places you will consider booking. Sometimes the reviews are sparse and frequently, they are filled with misinformation. If a number of travelers complain about how uncomfortable beds ruined their rest, it’s worth asking if there is a problem.

You can have an enjoyable trip even on a budget. You just have to do a little research to find that budget hotel that will suit your needs.


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