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The “ber” months are days away! Aside from the fact that the chilly days are coming, this time is also best for travelling, even when it is raining. It wouldn’t feel too hot and sticky wearing your favorite sweater as you take a selfie with a Christmas-themed man-made spot as your background. Even a crowded event would make you feel better because the holidays wouldn’t be complete without the rush and fun altogether.

If you can’t choose over the country’s 7,107 islands, here are 6 of the best destinations for this year’s holiday adventure:

Every year, a display of dancing lights with Christmas music happens at the Ayala Triangle Gardens at Ayala Avenue. Employees from around the Makati Central Business District and from nearby cities flock to this spot to witness an amazing show which happens every 30 minutes. What’s more to the presentation is an array of restaurants along the garden and the malls near the area.

Summer or not, Baguio surely is among a vacationer’s favorite. As the “ber” months come, the temperature in the area drops, giving everyone a chilly and cold holiday experience. Almost every corner is a tourist spot, especially when pine trees are around. Places to visit in Baguio are the Burnham Park, Mines View Park, Botanical Garden, Strawberry Farm and Tam-Awan Village.
This shopping area in Ortigas presents COD or Christmas on Display, the birth of Christ, complete with sounds, lights and motion. It is usually placed on top of the mall’s covered walkways which you could see from afar. This location is perfect as you could shop through the holiday bargains complete with the Christmas vibes around.

An hour and a half away from Manila, this piece of paradise in Batangas has a long expanse of fine sand and tropical greens which you could enjoy all-year long. There are resorts in the area, where you could check-in for serene family experience or even for reunions or company outings. Eating seafood by the beach could be the best experience, as you watch the sunset on a chilly Tuesday on December.
Known for their Giant Lantern Festival, San Fernando City, Pampanga holds a grand festival of their locally made Christmas lanterns which kids and kids at heart would surely be amazed at. The province presents intricately designed lanterns together with music that harmonizes as the lights blink. This event is usually held on a Saturday before the Christmas eve.

Known as a summer destination, Tagaytay has developed into a tourist spot for all walks of life, at any time of the season. Tagaytay boasts a number of restaurants and cafes which offers themed menus, as well as ones for the holidays. There are also restaurants for big groups, perfect for family gatherings. The People’s Park is there, viewdecks overlooking Taal Lake and Skyranch, perfect for kids.

The Paskuhan is one of the annual events that millennials look forward to every Christmas season. A Thomasian or not, one may enter the gates of UST to celebrate the culmination of the university wide Christmas activities. The event usually presents local bands as performers, with bazaars around the area. The Agape is also celebrated, or the tradition of giving out free food to students and staff of the university. A fireworks display marks the end of the event, but also marks the start of the students’ Christmas break.

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