Ann Gabriel | PinoyTrekker

A 28-mile long open road in Paris is now being developed into a highway, not for cars, but specifically for cyclists.

This European city hopes that the roadway will be ready for bicycles by 2020.

The local government of Paris voted unanimously to dedicate an amount of $164.5 million to improve biking conditions in the city. Included in the agreement are two-way bike lanes on one-way streets, bike stands, and a new rule that allows bicyclists to turn without waiting for green lights at intersections (at their own risk, of course).

Citizens in the City of Love are welcoming this government initiative. Cyclists from around the city are stressed and afraid of their safety whenever they use city roads. Some say that biking is supposed to be fun and relaxing. With accidents involving two wheeled non-motorized vehicles happening almost everyday, local government officials deemed it necessary to take the initiative.

With the new initiative, cyclists will be able to enjoy commutes anywhere that they go.

The city aims to increase daily bike usage from 5 to 15 percent by 2020, when the new highway is scheduled to be opened. It is expected that the number of bike lanes will double and will pave the way for technologically advanced stop lines for more safe and efficient interactions between cyclists and motorists.

“I hope that biking gets to be considered as a viable alternative means to get around the city, and not just a project run by green parties for the Parisian hipster.”said Charles Maguin, president and co-founder of Paris en Selle.

There’s a similar clamor for cyclists for road safety in the Philippines, as there are already record high incidences of bicycle accidents that are happening across the Metro. It has been widely publicized in news television of accidents happening due to motorists ignoring the signs and lanes designed for bicycle safety.

Is a similar initiative happening soon in the Philippines? I really hope that change is coming.