| Dive into the Philippines’ breathtaking—and award-winning—waters | MANILA, PH – SEPTEMBER 18, 2020 – The Philippines recently took center stage at the Marine Diving Awards 2020 in Tokyo, winning Best Overseas Diving Award. Readers of Marine Diving Magazine, the leading scuba diving magazine in Japan, cast over 800 of the 3,572 total votes in favor of the Philippines’ dive spots. 

Among the thousands of dive sites in the Philippines, the magazine noted some of the areas the country is most famous around the world for, including Cebu, Bohol, Moalboal, and Busuanga. Other exceptional dive sites also include Apo Reef Natural Park, the second biggest adjoining coral reef system in the world, and Tubbataha, the only marine Asian UNESCO WORLD heritage site.

Dive spots in the Philippines are known for their vibrance and variety, offering explorers plenty of options. The many experienced divers around the country also ensure that travelers of different skill or depth certification levels have something to enjoy. 

Discovery Fleet Corporation, in particular, offers an array of diving experiences for diverse interests. The company has two main routes, Cebu – Malapascua – Visayas and Apo Reef – Coron. The ships travel to some of the most sought-after sites around the globe, and allows divers to catch rare sightings of marine life, underwater landscapes, and historic wrecks.

The Discovery family also manages Club Paradise Divers, the in-house dive center at the award-winning private island resort of Club Paradise Resort in Coron, Palawan. 

As the world slowly look forward to new adventures again, divers don’t have to venture far from home for unique experiences. Discover underwater thrills in the Philippines’ best dive spots—the ocean awaits!

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Discovery Fleet Corporation is the Philippine based owner-operator of 2 diving live aboard and cruise ships and the in-house dive center of the private island resort Club Paradise, in Coron, Palawan.

Our two ships, the Discovery Adventure & Discovery Palawan travel to Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park from late March to mid-June.

The Discovery Palawan relocates to Cebu in September and guests can explore the lush reefs, deserted beaches and encounter mega fauna such as thresher sharks, mantas and whale sharks on our Cebu – Malapascua – Visayas voyages from October to February.

The Discovery Adventure returns to Bauan, Batangas in July and Apo Reef- Coron and Corregidor- 5 Fingers are the destinations from September onwards.

Apo Reef is the world’s second biggest contiguous coral reef in the world while Coron is famous for the karst limestone cliffs and the numerous Japanese wrecks from World War II.

Corregidor is a historical memorial of WWII rife w artifacts and tunnels on a tadpole shaped island guarding the mouth of Manila Bay. 5 fingers is a series of limestone cliff guarding coves and beaches similar to Coron a few hours away from Corregidor.

Our ships are open for research expeditions, rescue and relief, filming and shooting charters and private charters for both recreational and otherwise.