By: Ana Margarita Olar |

Who never dreamed of traveling? It’s also the sad part. Many people dream of traveling, but it never happens. Why? One of the main problems is the budget.

But hey! You have to experience traveling at some point. There’s a saying, you only live half your life when you don’t travel.

So here are some budget-friendly tips when traveling:

Enjoy Travelling


It is common for every tourist destinations to offer a package tour. This will include 2-3 must see places and 3-4 places that are not so interesting. So be careful when you choose a travel package.

Do your research on social media about reviews about the tourist package. It is better if you have a friend that has already experienced the tour. Ask: is it worth the value for money? Or is it cheaper when traveling by yourself?


Airport currency vendors offer the worst exchange rates. But others prefer this for safety reasons. of possible, exchange currency from your point of origin before traveling. It is also wiser to do your research first. This is to determine which a better idea is when it comes to exchanging currencies.


Airport parking can rip off your budget. Book ahead when traveling to cut off your expenses. If you can’t avoid using your car, look for better rates at private car parks around the airport. Or you can just use public transport or ask a relative for a ride.


There are roaming rates that are cheaper nowadays, when you are bound to Europe, Asia, or South America. There are a lot of cheaper and more convenient ways of communications.

You can choose from Facebook messenger, Skype, IMO, etc. So it is wiser if you just use the Wi-Fi services to communicate. Or you can just buy a local sim for phone calls when you have reached your destination.


There are airlines and travel agents that will lure you into buying add-ons such as travel insurance. They will also convince you that buying everything at once is cheaper and more convenient. Take time to think about it. Don’t fall to their “hasty schemes”. Often times, these travel insurance policies are more expensive and offer poor coverage.

Follow these tips to avoid travel rip-offs. Have a blast and enjoy on your traveling as well as on your savings.