By: Ana Margarita Olar|

Some of us want to travel light and comfortable at the same time. But given our different routine as a woman, there is a tendency of overloaded baggage every time that we travel. How do we differentiate these essential things among the rest? Check out this chic’s’ must haves while traveling:

Personal Documents for traveling:

Passport and at least 2 extra copies or an electronic copy

Plane tickets

Valid ID’s

Travel Visa and at least 2 extra copies or an electronic copy

Health Insurance card

Money (a few local currencies in small denominations)

Credit or debit cards

Certificate of received immunizations

International driver’s license

Map or map application

Emergency phone numbers (including embassy, tourist office, relatives in case of emergency)

Travel money belt

Note: secure an extra hard copy and an electronic copy of your documents in case you lost the original copy)

Clothes to prepare for traveling:

3-6 pairs of underwear

Bathing suit

2 pair of shorts

2 pair of pants

2-3 wrinkle free light blouse

1 light and 1 heavy socks

1 pair sandals and 1 pair rubber shoes

Sarong or malong (very useful as a bed sheet, blanket, or bath robe)

Travel hat or headband

Toiletries when traveling:

Small bottles of soap, lotion, shampoo and conditioner

Comb or hairbrush

Toothbrush and small tube of toothpaste and dental floss

Disposable razor

Bath towel and small towels

Lip balm, compact face powder, and light lipstick

Panty liners and pads

Sunscreens lotion

Cotton buds

First Aid Kit for traveling:

Antihistamine for allergies

Laxative for constipation

2-3 packs of Oral rehydration solution

Imodium for diarrhea

Antacid tablets

Antibiotic cream for wounds

Povidone Iodine solution

Menthol based ointment (for a headache, tummy ache, soothe an itchy throat and more!)

Paracetamol for fever and pain

5 pcs. band aids and gauze pads

Cotton and cotton buds

Prescription drugs and their prescription

Travelling (2)

Other necessities when traveling:

Eye glasses and sun glasses

Ear plugs

Inflatable pillow

Small flashlight

Mobile phone and charger (with extra batteries and memory cards)

Sim cards applicable to the area of destination

Swiss knife

Another tip: secure small things on a pouch so they are not packed messily in your bag. Have a pouch for bath necessities, another pouch for make ups, another pouch for first aid kit, and another for memory cards and mobile phone.

Definitely, we have more necessities than men especially when it comes to traveling. But a little bit of wit and creativity, we can also travel light and enjoy the journey.