Getting a cash loan in the Philippines could be very good opportunity to start a business, especially which relates to travel. It has become a part of a Millennial’s life (and even a non-Millennial’s) to visit new places, given that many airlines and tour agencies offer affordable rates today. However, if you’re thinking about expanding your travel agency, you must be knowledgeable enough to take your next steps, as there sure are a lot of competitors already.

A travel agency which offers promos and good customer service is most likely to get patronized by more people. Being a travel agent doesn’t necessarily require you to create individual or personalized itineraries or travel plans, except on special requests or situations). So, even when you are at home, you could be able to maintain a business like this.

Are you ready to expand your travel agency?

If you are fond of traveling or you are interested in this activity, it sure is a good foundation as you establish your travel agency. Besides, you wouldn’t really enjoy bringing people to places when you yourself aren’t dedicated to the job. Also, remember that this kind of business is for people who are organized especially when creating itineraries and schedules. You have to become a people-person because you will be dealing with different kinds of customers. It would be helpful to be proficient in the English language as it is widely known by most people.

How do you develop a travel agency?

First off, you’ll need to collect connections and contacts on your preferred destinations. You should choose established companies in relation to transportation for a safe and secure travel for your clients. Also, you should study which travel spots are popular among tourists, and which are allowed by the government or its ruling agencies.

Next, you have to have enough capital for expansion. If you’re thinking about doing it online, you would still need funds so more people would see your posts on Facebook, or if you would hire someone to make a full-blown website for your business. Also, include on your expenses list the fees you’ll need to pay to transportation providers, airline and shipping companies, or accommodation providers. As most clients are used to paying 30%-50% down payment as they book travels with you, you should be ready with enough cash to be able to cover the needed fees and expenses before they pay the remaining balances. Add to that, you would still have to apply for accreditations and permits with corresponding fees, especially when you are to put up a physical office for your business.

We aren’t talking about a small amount of money here, so when you think your savings aren’t enough yet, you could go for a cash loan. Applying for a cash loan in the Philippines could be easy and convenient, now that many companies, banks, and even online platforms such as FundKo offer various terms or schemes for different purposes. A cash loan could be used for personal matters, for business, for maternity purposes, or even for continuing education, so it would really be a great help to have a cash loan to support your travel agency business.

Usually, the requirements when applying for a cash loan in the Philippines include:

  • 2 valid photo IDs
  • application form
  • business permit
  • DTI certificate
  • SEC registration
  • latest bank statements
  • audited financial statements

If you’re ready with all of these requirements and of the things mentioned above, the best time to apply for a cash loan in the Philippines is now. And if you’ll need it at the earliest time available, you could go for FundKo for an easy and convenient application.

FundKo is the Philippines’ leading online peer-to-peer lending platform which provides fair rates for its verified borrowers and lenders, so you’re sure to have enough funds for your expansion.

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