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Aligned with the company’s mission to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful, Google introduces Google trips, an app which would serve as a personalized tour guide for Android and iOS users.

But before anything else, I would like you to know that this one’s free.

In the Philippines, Facebook groups and pages offering tours and packages have popped out of nowhere, making more Filipinos travel more, both locally and internationally. And this calls for something practical, knowing the fact that booking a tour isn’t a cheap thrill. Besides, if you’d rather follow your own itinerary, you’re the one in-charge of everywhere you’d go.

Google trips works offline, which enables access to all your saved flights, bookings, itineraries, plans, and reservations as you sign-in with your Gmail account. For example, when a booking site or airline sends you a PDF file of your itinerary to Boracay, Philippines, you could view it through Google Trips and download it for offline use. Your confirmation number, flight duration and departure and arrival dates and times would even be indicated in the app, so that you won’t run late for your flight. Even restaurant reservations are automatically gathered through your Gmail account so that it won’t be a hassle digging up those e-mails.




The top 200 cities in the world are featured in the app where a variety of day plans could be viewed with the most popular itineraries, based on other Google accounts which is using the app. You could create your own itinerary based on your convenience, as the app includes suggestions on where you could go. You could also use the map view if you are not very familiar with the place, and then pin your chosen location. Tapping the magic wand would show nearby sights from what you have pinned which you could also add to your itinerary.


The “Things To Do” option helps you build custom itineraries based on your length of stay in somewhere you have chosen or where you have saved or starred. You could also search for general itineraries such as “2 days in Palawan, Philippines”. You don’t have to worry about following all of its inclusions, because these can be edited.


If you turn on your cellular data, Google Trips would indicate whether the restaurant you are looking for is already closed for the day or is still open until midnight. You could also know the weather on your location or the place where you are going to. If the rain jinxes your plans, the app would recommend indoor activities for you. There’s also a big red magic wand button which gives you a random highlight of the city if you’re up for a spontaneous adventure.

Google surely does not fail in being relevant and useful, right? So take advantage of this, wanderlust, and get your hands now on this virtual tour guide.

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