Mitzi Ilagan | Etiquettes aren’t just for fine dining and business meetings. Visiting a foreign or unfamiliar place would make you feel like a kid, curious and less experienced on how things work around. If you travel often, surely, you know how to act well around strangers and unfamiliar cultures.

You never leave trashes.

Wherever you go, you are responsible for all the things that you bring and use. Even when you see that some people just dump their trashes anywhere, you shouldn’t do it. All it takes is respect, especially if the place is sacred, or something unspoiled or renowned. Without throwing your trashes anywhere, you will let others visit the same place with the same beauty as you’ve seen it.

You carry two bags.

When you have to ride a plane to get to your destination, you should know what to put inside the carry-on bag and the check-in baggage. For your carry on, all your personal necessities including gadgets, extra undies, jewelries, make-up kit, keys, and documents should be included. On the other hand, your clothes, shoes, and other hygiene kits should be inside the baggage. You could place a tag or insert a nametag inside those bag so that in case it gets lost, your details could be found and contacted.

You’re always ready with your travel details and information. traveler If you’re traveling alone, this one must be your priority. Confirming everything which you have booked and reserved is a step which you would do prior to your travel date. Have a digital or printed copies of your boarding pass, ticket, or reservations handy. Also, always come early for your Expected Time of Departure (ETD) to avoid delays.  

You pack lightly.

This is one of the hardest things to do, especially for women with a lot of OOTD ideas in mind. In case you need or want to take a lot of outfit photos on your trip, you may want to wear different tops and bottoms interchangeably. Plain clothes are easier to pair up with other kinds of clothes. Also, it’ll be less of a hassle to bring light bags when walking around.  

You’re a sensitive passenger/traveler. If you’re traveling on your own or riding public transportation is on your itinerary, make sure to think about your co-passengers. Be mindful of their personal spaces, but if it is too crowded, see to it that you and the persons around you are comfortable enough. Put your bulky baggage on spaces where other passengers wouldn’t be disturbed.

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