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Everyone’s been talking about Airbnb as their constant companion as they travel around the world, or even locally. It’s basically an online marketplace where you could look for and book your stay from thousands of accommodations listed around the world.

But, what really is a B&B?

Setting aside the “air” in b&b, it literally means bed and breakfast. The “air” part pertains to the service as it is being used online, having the company “Airbnb” as the hosting site. But Bed and Breakfast practically means booking a stay somewhere in the middle of a guest house and a hotel.

If you’ll ever search for B&Bs, say for example, in Batangas, you’ll probably find one that is an ancestral house, or maybe a lodging on the beachfront. Sometimes, B&Bs are typical houses with extra room/s which they put up for rent. They operate these as sources of income, especially if their houses are near tourist spots or landmarks.

Some bed & breakfasts in the Philippines are usually new and commercial types, wherein they build accommodations especially made for tourists and travelers. They set up personalized areas which could make their guests all homey and cozy. For some who turn their own houses into B&Bs, they personally interacts with their guests as they check-in.

The “breakfast” part usually goes the same for most B&Bs: they serve home-cooked meals to whatever is available or what the guests request for. It may be served either in communal areas or the guest’s own dining area. There may also be more amenities such as swimming pool, living room, kitchen and the like. Also, most offer private toilet and bathrooms too, so you don’t need to worry about your privacy.

If you’re only looking for somewhere to stay the night but is comfortable and safe, a bed and breakfast lodging would be the most convenient place to stay at. What’s more to this is that overnight stays in B&Bs usually cost less than staying in hotels, including the breakfast. If you’re staying in a hotel, what you ask for is what would be given to you, and you’re considered as a customer. But in a bed and breakfast, you’d be given more attention mainly because there are less guests, the place is more personal, and you’d be considered as a guest.

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