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If you’re reading this to get tips for your first plane ride, congratulations! Not all people gets the chance to ride an aircraft because somehow, fares aren’t cheap. If you’re off to a local or an international destination in a few days or so, here are tips to nail that ride:

plane ride
plane ride
  1. Make sure to bring all of the needed documents including itinerary receipt, valid IDs, passport, and boarding pass.
  2. Most airlines today makes use of online or mobile check-in, so take advantage of that less-hassle means as you enter the airport. If you’re flying locally, you could check in from 4-72 hours before your flight.
  3. Check your airline’s guidelines for carry-on and check-in bags. Domestic and international flights differ in rules for bag sizes and weights.
  4. If you can’t go without your favorite lotion or perfume in 250ml bottles, it’s either you’d leave them at home or transfer them into bottles which should only contain less than 100mL. And then, put them inside clear ziplock bags.
  5. Do a detailed budgeting of your expenses and have them in cash. Some locations do not have banks or ATM machines, especially if you’re off to a countryside or on island.
  6. Bring a pack of chewing gum. Your ears may not hurt as the plane takes off but when it starts to descend, air pressure may change. To prevent your ears from feeling clogged, it is advisable to chew a gum to equalize the air from inside and outside your ears.
  7. Before boarding the plane, be sure to use the bathroom first. If you’re afraid of heights or has motion sickness, you might not want to feel like getting up while you’re miles up in the air.
  8. If you’re not sure, and most especially if you’re alone, never be too shy to ask. Cabin crews and airport staff are the most reliable source of information of your needs.
  9. Have a small bag where you could put your personal belongings such as cell phone, wallet, boarding pass, and candies. Airlines allows you to bring a small bag that you’d have to put under the seat in front of you.
  10. Outside food is allowed to be brought. You just have to be considerate of your seatmates, and see to it that it is easy to consume and dispose.

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