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License? Check. Bike? Check. Fuel? Check. AMAZINGLY NEW COOL HELMETS? Ohhhh…

Helmets may not stop you from getting involved in accidents but it can prevent severe head and brain injuries. These safety head gears are designed to handle a huge amount of impact. There are also helmets designed for lesser impacts with less foam but have hard shells with a suspension headband that gives some space inside for air circulation. The design of your helmet varies from the activity you do. There are helmets specifically designed for bikes, while others are designed for motorcycles.

Just because you have the motorcycle and license, does not mean you are good to go. One of the hardest things to convince new riders (and sometimes the old ones) is to wear their helmets all the time. But with the right motorcycle helmet, you can actually have a riding experience that is both phenomenal and satisfying.

The sense of freedom motorcycle riding gives is addicting. No wonder the female population today is getting more interested into these two-wheeled fun machine. Nitronos Motostudio, a Russian company, had designed a helmet purr-fect for our female riders. The Neko-helmet is an extraordinary helmet equipped with a single light protective visor and integral folding sun-visor. It has a removable lining of 100% polyester as well as double ventilation. Detachable fiberglass cat-like ears are firmly fixed to the body of the helmet which are destroyed in case of accidents. These ears do not affect either function or safety of the headgear, nor do they generate additional wind resistance even on a 100 kilometers per hour. Neko-helmets are available in all sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL) and comes in four options. Put it on and you will surely look like a badass kitty riding that motorcycle.Honda Motorcycle

If you are more into futuristic augmented reality, then this helmet is for you. Skully AR-1 is a smart helmet like no other available smart helmets in the market. It looks like a traditional full-face motorcycle helmet, but inside the DOT/ECE certified shell, riders get intelligent audio including helmet-to-helmet communication, hands-free calling, and music streaming. It is also equipped with a GPS navigation via Bluetooth to a cell phone. This newest smart helmet is managed by Skully’s Synapse system features a built-in 180 blindspot camera and heads-up display for unparalleled situational awareness and safety. Skully AR-1 is the next big thing!

Remember that owning a motorcycle requires one to be responsible. Accidents are unavoidable but we can take precautionary measure if possible. Wear your helmet.

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