By: Ana Margarita Olar|

If you are an outdoor enthusiast and you love being with nature, you might want to check out these cool adventure gears you should invest with:

GracedByGrit Movie Star Vest

Being exposed to unexpected weather condition is a part of the thrill that an outdoor adventure offers. Be glamorously ready by wearing this stylish vest that allows free movement while keeping your core nicely warm.

It is lined with fleece for added warmth and comfort and can also give protection under the scorching heat of the sun. This vest comes with a free whistle for emergency purposes. Price: $110.

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Outdoor Research Men’s Helium 11 Jacket

Lightweight packable jackets that can be worn over the vest or warm clothing to keep you dry under the rain. The hood contains a small solid brim, much like a baseball hat that protects your eyes from the rain. It also contains two inner pockets to stash your wallet, phone or any handy objects. Price: $200

Top Athletic Runventure Shoes

One of the most comfortable trail running shoes around with heels designed for a more minimal run. Have a great taste of adventure while running over rocks, dirt trails, and boulders, while still keeping your feet well protected from the elements. Plus, the wider toe area, allows more space for your toes giving your feet the comfort it deserves. Price $110.

Nemo Equipment  W’s Rhapsody 30 Down Sleeping Bag

Some sleeping bags can’t withstand the outdoor elements. Other sleeping bags ruin the adventure before it even started because they are so exhausting to carry around. Nemo’s sleeping bags has the solution to both of these problems.

The sleeping bag is compact and lightweight and able to withstand extreme weather condition. It is made up of a smooth fabric that allows for more natural sleeping movements. Price $ 329.95

Thermacell Repellent Camp Lantern

Ordinary camp lanterns attract bugs and insects and of course the inevitable bites. Solve this problem while using Thermacell Lantern that has a repellent stored at the top, protecting a 15 square-foot area for 50 hours. The repellent itself is made from a natural ingredient found on chrysanthemums. Price $59.99

Buck Products Flap sack

Each of these backpacks and knapsacks is handmade in Bozeman, Montana. It has a large storage space and two inner and one outer pocket. You can also have a customized sack according to your preference. $130

Some other things you need to have are sunglasses, water bottles with strap, a multipurpose rope with hooks. Investing in these gears is essential for you to have a have a safe and enjoyable outdoor adventure.