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In our search for good stories here and there, we were able to drop by in SMX, MOA Complex because of an invite from Jeffrey Rusios, a good friend of ours in the blogging industry.

Lucky for us, the event, which our friend invited us to go to was Franchise Asia Philippines 2016. Here, we got a lot of stories to tell and business opportunities to check out.

One good find in the Franchise Expo is Boy Kanin. Boy Kanin is the brainchild of Antonio Z. Atienza and Ronald Callao.  The franchise was born because of Mr. Atienza and Mr. Callao’s similar passions for Filipino cuisine. Antonio Z. Atienza is a renowned jeweler and the owner of Golden Hills Jewelry, Inc. while Ronald Callao was a former Head for Circulation at Business World and BusinessMirror.

Why Boy Kanin? What’s in the name? I asked myself. Maybe, because Filipinos are fond of asking for that extra rice? ‘Kanin’ as the name implies means rice. When ordering, we’ll probably ask the food handler and say, “Boy, kanin.”

To us Filipinos, a hearty Filipino meal will not be complete without rice.

Kidding aside, Filipinos are quite fond of mixing the viand’s (ulam) sauce into the rice.

Mr. Atienza proposed this business idea to Mr. Callao.

So, what is special about ‘Boy Kanin’? The secret is in the rice and ulam sauce that Boy Kanin mixes for you.

Boy Kanin
Pinoy Burrito

Franchisees now have that perfect time to acquire a Boy Kanin franchise as food tourism in the Philippines is at a local high, with Filipino food fast becoming a popular eat out treat for locals and foreigners alike.

Boy Kanin
Pinoy Burrito

It offers a unique alternative from the usual burger joints in the Philippines. Although, they didn’t veer away from the well-loved ‘silog’ meals that includes Tapa, Tocino, Longanisa, and grilled Liempo, it proves to be a great choice over the expensive fast food meals. Boy Kanin’s meals are both delicious and affordable.

Aside from the great food choices that “Boy Kanin” has to offer, ‘ Boy Kanin’ also reminds us Filipinos to patronize our homegrown cuisine. Their menu boasts of paella, caldereta, adobo amd dinuguan rice meals that will surely make you come back for more.


Interested in a franchise?

Call (02)352-8130 or email them at for more information.