Rod Gabriel | PinoyTrekker

Hoy, PinoyTrekker! Summer na naman. Ang ilan sa atin kating-kati na naman na magpunta kung saan saan. Mapa-swimming, surfing or mountain hiking or climbing, summer will be the perfect season for the PinoyTrekker in you. Always remember that you need to prepare prior to going on any outdoor trip.

Yung huling akyat ko, mababa lang naman. Mount Jumbo, sa La Trinidad, Mountain Province.

Considering that I am over 40 years of age and 180 pounds in weight, there is a bigger need for me to prepare prior to the climb or hike.

Lack of preparation or stretching will always give you the worst experience after a climb or hike. Masakit na binti at paa. Hirap huminga. Mabagal na pag-akyat at malamang, huli kang makakarating sa tuktok. Importanteng maunawaan mo ang limitasyon mo.

The Mount Jambo (short for Jamboree) climb is approximately 30 minutes away from the base entrance. It took me around 40 minutes to finish my climb. It is very important to do a 10 minute warm-up before the climb.

Here are my tips for the Mount Jumbo Mountain Hiker

Hiking shoes are very important. If you are carrying a back-pack, make sure that it is only loaded with the essentials. Water, food, and first aid must be prioritized when hiking. Huwag masyadong mabigat, you’ll just wear yourself out. Bring a whistle and pepper sprays for self-defense. You’ll never know what you’ll get into.

Make sure that your leg muscles and lower body support are ready.

Your lungs and heart needs to be fit, in order for them to supply your body with adequate oxygen.

Hiking is fun, always choose a place where you get the most out of this outdoor experience.

Bring a friend with you, and make sure that the place you go to is safe. It would be better if both of you are knowledgeable about the place you plan to go to, and be first-aid ready.

Slowly do you climb and improve on your pacing gradually.

It will always be best to test yourself by walking on a flat terrain with a heavy back-pack. See how far you can get, before the climb. You know that you’re not ready if you’re not able to finish 8 kilometers within the hour.

Evaluate yourself. Kaya mo na bang umakyat? Paano kung malakas ang hangin, matarik ang aakyatin or biglang umulan. Paano kung maligaw ka/kayo? Do you know enough to survive? Marunong ka bang gumawa ng apoy ng walang lighter at posporo. Paano kung mapilayan ka o masugatan?

Hiking will always be a great learning experience. You may be surprised at how rough the trail is, how thin the air is, and how steep the mountain is, but take it slowly and you’ll do fine.