By: Ana Margarita Olar|

One of the dilemmas while traveling is how to keep your valuables safe. You want to enjoy the scenery without having to worry whether you are being robbed or not.

Travel is more enjoyable if you can focus on the beauty of the scenery rather than worrying about your personal valuables.

What is a travel money belt?

It is a small envelope –like a pouch with a zipper, worn around the waist and meant to be placed under the clothes. But a variant of money belt for men is made of leather with a zipper.

Why should you consider buying a travel money belt?

Pickpockets always target the back pocket or your carryon bag because it is easiest to snatch from especially if your attention is onto something else.  Take note that money belt is worn to secure things that you don’t want to be stolen and not the things that you needed or that day.

For your toiletries, make-ups and other essentials, it is wise to carry a separate bag instead. Travel money belt is not a replacement for wallets or bags. Strangers seeing you get and put money inside your money belt defeats its real purpose.

Travel Money Belt (2)

What should be inside your money belt?

  • Some extra money (other than your money on your wallet)
  • Extra credit card
  • Copy of passport pages
  • Travel insurance information
  • Copy of your visa
  • Room keys
  • Emergency contact list (in case your phone was stolen)

Which type of money belt suits you best?

  • Waist money belts- the most popular type, typically 10 inches long and 4 inches wide with a waist strap. It is worn like a belt around the waist under the clothing. Choose the one which is comfortable to wear and fits well to your waist.
  • Leg type money belts- these are pouches that are strapped around your legs and worn under long pants.
  • Neck or shoulder money belts- are pouches that have a strap to hang around the neck or shoulder. This should also be placed under the clothing because the strap can be easily grabbed or cut.
  • Waterproof money belt– these are regular money belts but with a waterproof pocket made of plastic. You can even take it while on a shower.

Using money belt when you travel is a simple way to keep your valuables safe.  But you also have to take other travel safety precautions. And if you are going to a crowded place decide if you really need to bring those certain valuables or not.