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Recently, United Airlines became viral for violently bumping a passenger for an overbooked flight. Apparently, the flight has oversold more tickets than the number of seats on the plane.

Airlines are usually allowed to oversell flights because there are instances that passengers do a no-show during flights. But when chances happen that they show up, the airline would ask for volunteers to be bumped from the flight. If you’re travelling on a known route or during holidays, there may be a bigger chance for the flight to get oversold.

The bumped off passenger, even with confirmed reservation, is usually compensated for the delay, though. Some airlines also provide meal vouchers, rebooking, and refunds. Those who get bumped are usually airline employees, those without connecting flights, and those travelling for free. There are also instances when the last persons to check-in are the ones involuntarily bumped off.

In order not to get bumped, see to it that you’d check in as early as possible so you’ll know if there will be changes in seat assignments, departure time, and for you not to miss the flight. You could also do an web check-in as most airlines have this feature on their websites or apps already. If you’re on a low cost airline, don’t expect much compensation if you’re bumped, but you should always negotiate so that you could get the best deals. You could ask for a meal voucher, rebooking schedule or a hotel accommodation.

If you’re someone who sees voluntary bumping may give you more perks, it might not happen all the time because not all airlines give deals which are better that your flights.


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