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As a millennial, I wouldn’t deny being too hooked with updating my social media accounts wherever I go. Whether it’s checking in on Swarm about my whereabouts, posting stories on Instagram as I head to another burger joint, or tweeting simple rants about public transportation, a day just wouldn’t pass by without social media.

But here’s a plot twist: mobile data in the Philippines may be cheap, but it’s slow. Add to that, wi-fi hotspots aren’t available everywhere. If it is, most of the times, there is a password.

It gets frustrating when there’s no connectivity because it simply has become a way of life, especially for millennials. For someone who loves travelling from one city to another, I couldn’t help but use my phone for a lot of purposes: map, notepad, SMS, calculator, and of course, social media apps. It’s a good thing that I have discovered iVideo pocket wifi.

iVideo pocket wifi is a rental company based in Taiwan which allows you to rent their pocket wifi units wherever you may want to use it. But no, I didn’t go to Taiwan to be able to use it nor to pick the pocket wifi up. I made a reservation online through the iVideo Pocket Wifi website, and then not long after, a package was delivered to me. Inside the package was a pouch which houses the pocket wifi, a charger, a USB cord and an extra battery! Powered by Smart Communications, the pocket wifi could be used with no limits especially when you’re travelling.

without Social Media

During the Blogapalooza 2016 at Cubao last November 5, I brought the pocket wifi along with me so that I could post updates on that big bloggers event. When I visited a burger joint in Batangas City, I also brought it. The signals in Cubao and Batangas City were good, though at times when I enter rooms, the signal lessens, also slowing down the connection. When I went to Clark, Pampanga, which is in the northern part of the country, I was surprised that the internet connection was good, because I thought that the signal might be low because I moved farther away from the metro.

For only USD 7.55/day, you could rent an LTE-enabled pocket wifi which could support 10 mobile devices. But if you use this promo code (AJIZZZEXWTDCNXKN), you could rent it for only USD 3, even when you use it for a week!

without Social Media


So, on your next trip anywhere in the world, you’ll never have to be bothered about expensive roaming fees when using social media apps. But if you’re just travelling locally, an iVideo Pocket Wifi surely would be convenient whenever you need it, just as how I did.

Here’s the link to the list of countries where you could use the wifi. For more information, visit iVideo Pocket Wifi website or the iVideo Pocket Wifi Facebook Page.

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