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The cold weather that embraces me and the beautiful faces of the people make me want to go up in north… again. It is my third time already in Baguio, but let me tell you how I fell in love deeper with my last visit there.

Last March, we went up with some few friends who’re bloggers who have deep passion in travelling. Azalea Residences Baguio accommodated us with their very welcoming staff (Hi to Paul and Mikka) and their very cozy room. Who am I not to love Azalea? I am not being biased here but let me give you a glimpse of what they have offered:

  • Staffs welcome their guests with warm smile and are all very accommodating.
  • It doesn’t need air condition; the natural cold air will surely wrap you. Ceiling fan is fine!
  • GREAT FOOD COURTESY OF TRADISYON! (No need to explain here)
  • Everything you need is in your room. YES! Complete. All you need is to experience their grandiose amenities.
  • There are play place for kids. Actually it is good for photo ops and to bring back memories.


  • Tradisyon waiters are all courteous in serving us. They regularly refill our glasses of water and would ask us if we need anything. They also serve surprise treats to guests who celebrates their birthday during their stay in Azalea.
  • Let me tell you exactly HOW PRIVILEGED I AM TO BE COMFORTED BY AZALEA (I will tell you why. Just read below)


  Azalea Residences Baguio

    DSC02905 DSC02893 Azalea

Next is the Tam-Awan Village. It is like a higher place from Baguio City. I didn’t know that Baguio City have a lot of artists. While we were waiting for our turn to be sketched by their exceptional artists (for 300PHP you can be sketched for 15mins), we went to explore the whole place. The trail going up is almost 15 minutes. It is not that hard to love this place because everything is worth it.

Azalea Azalea Azalea

Define art and nature? Yes! Tam-Awan Village is the place.


They also offer tea with honey there.



After such activities in Tam-Awan Village, we went back to our room. Well for me, it is like a five-star hotel with upscale amenities.

Azalea Residences Baguio is located in Leonard Wood Loop; some kilometers away from Burnham Park and Session Road. It offers FREE WI-FI, flat-screen TVs and DVD players. But wait! There’s more! It has kitchenettes, dining tables, sofa beds and some has balconies.


AzaleaAzalea Azalea

AzaleaAzalea Azalea

Azalea Azalea

And what’s exceptional with Azalea, they serve buffet dinner! Azalea Residences Baguio is a hotel where you can build your memories vividly, truly perfect for a family fun bonding or a group getaway.

Wait! We are not yet done with our activities. They gave us a 500PHP Night Market Challenge. All you need to do is buy items that is worth 500PHP with a summer theme. It is located in Harrison Road and it offers a wide variety of clothes, shoes and food (Dinakdakan is the best there). For an hour, who would believe that we were able to buy clothes, sunglasses, shoes and accessories for a very cheap amount? This is one of my favorite places when going to Baguio.


A long day has come to an end now, lights off and we are all getting ready for our activities tomorrow. Please see my second post of what I experienced more of the City of Pines.

Added Note: In the middle of the night, my friend texted me this: “..Aja, what time ka makakarating sa Thursday for our trip?”